'As my father has sent me even so send I you' John 20:21

Since 1837 Leeds City Mission has been committed to transforming lives within the environs of Leeds. It seeks to do this through presenting the Christian gospel to people in a whole host of ways in order that they have many opportunities to hear it, understand it, see it and experience the power of it for themselves.

One Body of Christ in Leeds!

We work where possible, in unity with churches and Christians groups in Leeds to encourage them in outreach to their communities. We seek to come alongside and compliment with our skills and experience, while all the time learning ourselves. We are passionate about seeing church members released in their potential to serve the purposes of God in their City, in their locale and in their home churches, so that the Body of Christ grows as a whole and together we reach Leeds for Jesus.


We also have a special concern for the poor, the marginalized and those in crisis situations and where possible we seek to respond with the resources that God has given us.


If you would like to be added to our mailing list please contact us.

If your church or group would like a visit from Leeds City Mission to talk about our work or to show a power point presentation then ring or email (see contact page) and we will gladly come along.